Fremont Ballroom sign showing dancers outside of a restaurant and bar in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

Fremont Ballroom Sign in Seattle, Washington

This neon Fremont Ballroom sign shows dancers embracing and twirling about outside of a restaurant and bar in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Fremont is known as the “center of the universe” and features many roadside attractions like the giant troll sculpture, a giant Lenin statue, Bridgetender Rapunzel in Neon, the Apatosaurus Dinosaur Topiaries, …

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Late for the Interurban, a statue of J.P. Patches and his girlfriend Gertrude in the Fremont area of Seattle, Washington.

Late for the Interurban statue in Seattle, Washington

While those Waiting for the Interurban may be tired of holding out, there are a couple of others down the block who just might be glad that that street car has yet to come. These clowns are Late for the Interurban. In 2008 another statue was erected just down the block from the Waiting for …

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Waiting for the Interurban, a roadside attraction in the Fremont area of Seattle, Washington, that locals dress up for different occasions.

Waiting for the Interurban in Fremont, Seattle, Washington

I always seem to be waiting for the bus. Recent cuts to Chicago service mean I have to wait a little longer for the number nine between Lakeview and Wicker Park. A break down on the El meant I was late to work the other day when all the trains had to share one track, …

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Deluxe Junk Fry Guy - Giant cone of french fries eating a french fry outside of Deluxe Junk in Fremont, Seattle, Washington.

Fry Guy at Deluxe Junk in Seattle, Washington (GONE)

Deluxe Junk was a staple of vintage shopping in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington. Inside, you could browse for second-hand furniture, clothes and other bobbles… and, outside, you could browse outside for a giant, somewhat cannibalistic, cone of french fries! Unfortunately, the store closed down sometime around 2012 and the giant Fry Guy is …

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Giant statue of Vladimir Lenin, a roadside attraction in Fremont, Seattle, Washington.

Statue of Lenin in Fremont, Seattle, Washington

Not many American towns would play home to, let alone boast, a giant bronze sculpture of a Bolshevik dictator. But I guess the Fremont area of Seattle isn’t like most American towns (it is the center of the universe after all). And so, obviously, you can find a giant statue of Lenin hanging out in …

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Guidepost in Fremont - the Center of the Universe - in Seattle, Washington.

Fremont: Center of the Universe in Seattle

Call it “The People’s Republic of Fremont.” Call it “The Artists’ Republic of Fremont.” Call it the “center of the universe.” Whichever you choose, Fremont, a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington, is unlike anywhere you’ve ever been. A mecca for any Silly American traveler: with a Solstice Parade, quirky roadside attractions cover the neighborhood from corner …

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Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington.

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, Washington

Woodland Park Zoo is one of the oldest zoos on the West Coast. Home to over 1,100 creatures across 300 species (including 35 endangered and 5 threatened species), the zoo has been a sanctuary in the city of Seattle for over 100 years. Today we are featuring some of the beautiful animals — both in …

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Buckingham Fountain in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s Buckingham Fountain

It’s kind of sort of freezing here in Chicago. And snowy. Very snowy. I’m itching to get away (in fact, I spontaneously decided to plan a road trip to Texas in a few months!) but for now I just am wrapping myself in my Snuggie (don’t judge, my mom gave it to me for my …

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World's Tallest Abraham Lincoln Statue in Ashmore, Illinois

Abraham Lincoln Roadside Attractions in Illinois

In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s 201st birthday today, here are some awesome Abraham Lincoln roadside attractions in Illinois! You might not automatically think roadside attractions when you think of our 16th President of the United States but he is actually the subject of quite a few tourist traps in the state. From the world’s tallest …

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Tootsie, an iron sculpture in West Side Park in Champaign, Illinois.

Tootsie – the Iron Whatchamacallit in Champaign

Meet “Tootsie,” a colorful metal creature who makes her home in downtown Champaign’s West Side Park! Site: “Tootsie” Iron Statue Location: West Side Park, 400 W. University, Champaign, IL Cost: Free Hours: Always Visible (observe park closing times) Date: October 17, 2009

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